2020- 2021 School Year Calendar

We are eager to bring you a full year of fun, healthy and safe running events.

Here is the 2020-2021 schedule as we currently see it.

Saturday, Sep 19th - Rich River XC invitational * * * * P O S T P O N E D * * * *
(We are hoping to reschedule our Middle School invitational for later this year. Check back here or on Athletic.net for updates.)

Friday, Nov 6th - Character Counts Elementary Fun Run #1 *

Friday, Nov 20th - Character Counts Elementary Fun Run #2 *

Jan 4th - Feb 14th - Winter Track Team ((( N E W P R O G R A M - DETAILS FORTHCOMING LATER IN THE YEAR )))

Friday, Mar 26th - Character Counts Elementary Track Meet *

Friday, Apr 23rd - Rich River Relays

June 21st -25th - Summer Track & Field Camp

*Rich River Athletics Club wants to help schools participating in our elementary events offset the cost of transportation.

Click the following link for details: forms.gle/RANVrY5GoHe6KfRGA